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Queen welcomes good interfaith relations

David Dangoor with HM The Queen, 25.6.2019

Her Majesty the Queen sent a strong signal of the importance she attaches to good interfaith relations by hosting a gathering at Buckingham Palace of some of those active in this field. Read More

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'The Scribe' is the Journal of Babylonian Jewry. It has been published by the Exilarch's Foundation since 1971. The Magazine covers many areas of interest including subjects related to Jews of Iraqi origin. Its readership of about 5,000 is based in Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and many countries of the Diaspora.It was founded and continues to be edited by Mr. Naim Dangoor, the grandson of Hakham Ezra Reuben Dangoor who was the Chief Rabbi of Baghdad, Iraq about 70 years ago.