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Sir Naim Dangoor CBE – Obituaries


Click on the images below to read the various obituaries about The Scribe founder, Sir Naim Dangoor CBE. Read More

Oh, what a Knight! – Sir Naim Dangoor CBE


Sir Naim Dangoor CBE features in the Jewish Chronicle after being awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s birthday honours list. Read More

Two Centenarians: Iraq’s First Coke Bottler Shares a ...

coke bottle

Please click on the following links to see articles on Two Centenarians: Iraq’s First Coke Bottler Shares a Birth Year With the Coca-Cola Bottle. The article is available in English, Arabic and French. Read More

(D-REAMS) Laboratory

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 15.03.54

Archaeology is all about reconstructing past human behavior based on the materials that have withstood the ravages of time. Modern archaeology has its roots in Scandinavia in the 19th Century, when curators in the Royal Museum of Copenhagen first organized their collections in a relative chronological time sequence, based on the shapes and material types of the artifacts. This insight resulted in the differentiation of archaeological periods into the Stone Age, Copper Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age; terms that are still widely used today. Read More

I am the Iraqi, I am by Emile Cohen.


Below you will find; I am the Iraqi, I am by Emile Cohen. In Arabic and then translated to English. Read More

The Jews of Iraq are the solution by Mahmood Abas


The Jews of Iraq are the solution by Mahmood hadid abas Read More

Rabbi Abraham Levy gifted Torah by wife Estelle Levy...


On the 11th July 2010 a special service was held at Lauderdale Road Synagogue to celebrate the completion of a new Sepher Torah. The Sepher Torah was a gift from Estelle to her husband Rabbi Abraham Levy. The Sopher was Rabbi Levys’s cousin Yossi Anahory who lives in Israel. Read More

Reviews of Eli Amir’s novel “Farewell Baghdad”


Eli Amir is an extraordinary author who effectively captured, photographed, analyzed and immortalized an experience that shifted from the world of reality to the world of legends. “Farewell Baghdad” is a novel that breathes the scents and fragrances, hears the sounds of love and grief, and absorbs the wonderful flavors, be it the Iraqi cholent or the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. He records the cooing of the pigeons and describes their behavioral code. He conveys to us these senses in real time, in a sequence that is easy to decipher, and embeds in us undisputed trust: from the wings of pigeons to the hips of dancers, we know without a doubt that we were provided a wonderful and precise portrayal. Read More

Launch of the Eliahou Dangoor Scholarships


David Dangoor represented his father Naim Dangoor at the launch of the 4,000 Eliahou Dangoor University Scholarships for students of low means to study science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Read More

The Westminster Academy: Naim Dangoor Centre


Dangoorland: Article Published on Architectural Website about the Westminster Academy and the work of Dr Naim Dangoor
Link to original article Read More

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